Hazelnut export increases production with Tomra sorter

Olam Progıda, a Turkish hazelnut exporter, has increased efficiency and product quality with 4 units if Tomra’s Nimbus BSI+ sorting machines, which with its user-friendly software detects not only foreign materials, but also visual discrepancies by defining defects peculiar to hazelnut.

The BSI+ module uses both near infrared and visible spectrum wavelengths to detect product defects in hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds and all other nuts including bug bites, rot, colour defects and musty pieces for a more detailed classification capability.

The Nimbus BSI+ enables nut producers to ensure higher efficiency and better error detection in a single processing.

Olam Progıda production and technical services manager Aykut Gören said: “Turkey supplies 70% of the annual hazelnut production of the world. The performance of Tomra sorting machines in our production line contributes greatly to our productivity.”

“We are using cutting-edge technology and, in this regard, we are benefiting in many ways from the advantages provided by Tomra sorting machines. With Tomra, we not only guarantee food safety, but we also benefit in terms of operating costs.”

Tomra Foods Turkey sales manager Ahmet Koçyiğit said: “Nimbus BSI+ is a technology that has proven itself globally in the nut sector, and we are consolidating our superiority in software with mechanical developments. Thanks to its mini-pitch air manifold, the sorting of any caliber of product can be done more precisely, hence substantially decreasing the quantity of good units in the waste and increasing efficiency. As a result, our machine helps improve the efficiency of the facilities, the quality of the product and the customer’s profitability, while minimising product waste.”

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