Gat Foods’ new pilot lab to maximise Fruitlift potential

Fruitlift, a real-fruit based solution to replace refined sugars in ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals, is advancing into the next phase of its go-to-market plan following its launch in March this year. Gat Foods will install a lab-scale extrusion plant to integrate Fruitlift into various breakfast cereal applications and fully assess its integration into large-scale cereal production processes.

Fruitlift is an all-natural, liquid based ingredient – composed of 90% fruit components and designed to be injected into the flour mix of puffed cereals to replace white refined sugar, which until now has been a significant component in RTE cereals. Fruitlift delivers a mild sweetness, with or without a variety of fruity flavours.

The pilot plant incorporates a full lab-scale extrusion line, including extruder machinery, a coating drum, oven, and mixers. It also includes all the lab equipment necessary for the assessment of final products to ensure their adherence to specific product criteria encompassing essential organoleptic parameters of taste, texture, crispiness and sweetness. The facility also allows for continuous on-site optimisation of manufacturing procedures for RTE cereals, as well as a full assessment of the unique requirements of individual cereal manufacturers.

“Since its launch two months ago, Fruitlift has inspired enthusiastic interest from food companies globally,” said Michal Katzir Emek, international marketing director for Gat Foods. “We decided to install a full-scale pilot lab to give us more complete expertise and flexibility to better collaborate with our clients throughout the entire product development cycle, from concept through trials, to final product. We anticipate this will further our application of the Fruitlift solution into additional food formulations.”

Gat Foods’ patent-pending technology provides a tailor-made solution to food companies. The fruit base is offered in a choice of fruits and can be customised to fit any manufacturing process, or formulated to fit any type of flour mixture. It can be injected either as a base or a coating and the dose can be adjusted to desired sweetness levels and taste preferences, whether the company is seeking a pronounced fruit flavour or to have the solution blend in with the brand’s signature flavour.

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