Beers brewed using vertical farming

Microbrewery Lab Culture, has partnered with vertical farming company, Vertivore, to produce a range of eco-friendly and vegan specialty beers.

Lab Culture, part of the environmentally conscious Astwood Group, is a Redditch, Midlands based microbrewery that produces American style craft beers using a sustainable food production method.

The brewing process takes advantage of the wasted heat from LED lighting used for the group’s vertical farm, Vertivore, which produces high-quality year-round salads, herbs and plants.

The unique system creates several types of craft beers, including a pale ale, an IPA and a session rye IPA.

Discussing the early success of the brand, Michael Capwell, CEO of the Astwood Group and founder of Lab Culture said: “We are immensely proud of the Lab Culture brand and to have created a select range of aromatic ales all made with an environmental conscience.

“Simply put, our systems are designed to extract maximum value from wasted resources, while at the same time creating the tastiest drink possible. The method we use for brewing the beer came about during a brainstorming session on how to fix the issue of waste heat, and we thought there was no solution than brewing beer.

“We are all big lovers of the varying tastes of the Lab Culture brews and are extremely excited to be part of a unique community and the growing craft beer industry,” said Capwell.

Astwood is a technology company with an environmental conscience. Dedicated to using innovative design and engineering to challenge the status quo and advance sustainable living, the group has developed its own vertical farm, Vertivore, which aids the creation of the Lab Culture brand.

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