Hydrosol develops stabilising systems for milk beverages

German-based supplier of food stabilisers, Hydrosol GmbH, has developed a new system of stabilisers for producing milk beverages.

Demand for flavoured milk beverages is seeing steady growth worldwide, according to the company, and there is a wide variety of flavours from trendy cappuccino and walnut, to more traditional chocolate and strawberry. In addition to tasting good, these drinks address a wide range of consumer wishes, from low fat and reduced sugar to lactose free and high protein.

Hydrosol’s new range, Stabiprime MFD, consists of hydrocolloids which are soluble in water as well as sweetwhey. easy to use, they make it economical to produce milk mixed beverages.

In addition to its system with carrageenan, Hydrosol also offers a gellan alternative, Stabiprime MFDG, which enables milk beverage filling at higher temperatures, up to 40°C. The main property of Stabiprime MFDC with carrageenan is that it lets manufacturers make stable products without high-pressure homogenisation, preventing sedimentation even with cocoa.

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