NUTRA NEWS: NutriProcess expands processing capacities

NutriProcess, an expert in spray drying and powder processing, will invest in a new production line in order to meet the increasing demand and its tremendous growth of activity.

The new line will be built on NutriProcess’ operation site in Serqueux, France. The batch size of the new installation will be totally flexible: from 300 kg to 10 tons of powder per run, which enables the company to answer outsourcing needs of companies involved not only in food, but also in nutraceuticals and health ingredients.

This state-of-the-art spray dryer system will benefit from revolutionary technology, combining drying, co-drying, fluid bed and encapsulation processes, which will give a competitive edge compared to existing systems.

It will incorporate a modern three stage spray dryer, enabling the production of single or formulated powdered ingredients with enhanced properties (agglomerated, free flowing, instant form), and equipment for advanced encapsulation, to reach effective protection of active components or controlled release targets. In addition, the line will include a complete liquid preparation area with mixing, homogenising and filtration tools, making it suitable for processing flavouring, high viscosity materials and other sensitive products.

This new investment will dramatically extend the range of services and the possibility to offer customers more complete solutions.

NutriProcess is recognised as a specialist in spray drying technology and offers industrial experience in producing food and feed ingredients, starting from five ton batches to over one thousand tons. The company is a subsidiary of the Iranex/CNI group providing spray-drying, granulation, coating, encapsulation and other powder processing technologies.

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