Happy Meat beef traceable to a single cow

Happy Meat has launched in the UK as Britain’s first climate-friendly beef that is premium grade and traceable to a single free range cow.

Based on extensive United Nations research, Happy Meat says it can reduce the global climate footprint of beef by up to 76%. Sourced from reared ‘dual-purpose’ cows that produce both milk and meat, Happy Meat cows are never fed grains associated with deforestation. With yearly spending at over £3 billion on beef and individual consumption at over 18kg, Happy Meat serves a significant market of UK meat eaters with growing environmental and animal welfare concerns.

Happy Meat also facilitates unmatched traceability by printing the ear-tag number of the cow that produces each meat product on the label– ground-breaking after the FSA found 20% of the meat it tested to include DNA from animals not on the labelling.

Happy Meat cows are reared at Lye Cross Dairy Farm in Somerset, with more specialised farms to come. With a strong focus on environmental stewardship, the farm homes approximately 1,700 British Friesian and Holstein cows that stay outdoors whenever weather permits. The cheeses that Lye Cross produces are certified by The Red Tractor, The Organic Soil Association, Pasture for Life, A Greener World UK for animal welfare, and The Non-GMO Project depending on the specific product range. Once a Happy Meat cow has lived out its milking life it provides the beef for about 75 meat boxes.

“Not only is Happy Meat climate-friendly, our cows live significantly longer than typical beef cows and aren’t pushed hard for milk like typical dairy cows,” said Iman Fatehi, marketing director. “This promises them a greater standard of life as well as premium grade marbling on their beef. Together, Happy Meat is good for our planet, conscience and tastebuds, too.”

Ordered online, Happy Meat is delivered nationwide as a 3kg meat box including 15 products across a variety of 5  21-day-aged cuts. One box costs £39.99 plus £6.95 for trackable courier delivery. Contents: 1 x 220g Sirloin/Rib-eye Steak, 1 x 460g Roasting Joint, 1 x 290 Stir-fry strips, 4 x 240g Mince, 8 x 120g Burgers. With an insistence on nose-to-tail butchery Happy Meat ensures every part of a cow is used, with specialty cuts and offal purchased by selected chefs, restaurants and other partners.

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