ADM Finalist at Fi Innovation Awards in the Sustainability Category

Archer Daniels Midland Company was named a finalist in the Sustainability Champion category at the Food Ingredients Innovation awards on December 3, 2019 in Paris, France.

ADM was shortlisted for its efforts in promoting sustainable agricultural practices among more than 12,000 smallholder farmers to support biodiversity conservation in three regions of Brazil and Paraguay.

In collaboration with local NGOs, the project generated significant social impact by connecting directly with farmers and their communities to disseminate techniques that not only benefit the environment, but also the people that form part of ADM’s supply chain.

With the training drawing upon traditional agricultural knowledge and modern biodiversity initiatives, thousands of farmers developed the know-how to improve sustainability management, climate change resistance and overall crop yields.

Guidelines were also developed for producers and agriculture schools outlining best practices, and tools were identified to preserve native forests on farmland. Additional sustainability initiatives were launched through hundreds of community-based micro-projects.

“We have an important responsibility in preserving the natural resources that we depend on, and in supporting local communities that we work with to build capacities in sustainably managing their farmland and preserving biodiversity,” said Ana Yaluff, sustainability manager – Europe, ADM.

“We are committed to achieving our environmental obligations, but beyond that we continually strive to enhance our efforts in developing sustainable supply chains by working with local communities and organisations,” continued Yaluff.

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