Ready to heat and eat porridge

As news reports highlight the frightening statistics that Scotland has the second highest level of obesity in the developed world, Strathmore Foods, based in Forfar has created the first Scottish made ready to heat and eat porridge on the market.

True to the brand’s identity of ‘traditional Scottish meals made for today’Strathmore has launched McIntosh porridge to cater for an increasingly busy, time-conscious society offering a healthy,delicious breakfast option that can be ready in minutes.

The creation of McIntosh porridge meets key consumer needs of health, convenience and tasting good and taps into a real growth sector. Sales of porridge oats nationwide have risen by 5.4% to £47m, but the real success in the market has been instant porridge rising 6.4% to almost £64m in the past year. Busy professionals and dieters can now tuck in to McIntosh Porridge, possessing all the goodness widely associated with porridge, bringing a traditional Scottish breakfast to today’s world with its convenient heat-and-eat format.

Focus group research conducted by the company revealed that busy professionals are increasingly conscious of the importance of eating breakfast.
The research also showed that most consumers in Scotland know about the health benefits of porridge – that it can help the body remove harmful cholesterol which can lead to blocked arteries and heart attacks, yet do not have time to make porridge from oats in the traditional way in the morning.

Ian Clarke, Strathmore sales director said,“There was a huge market for good, nutritional, additive free Scottish porridge, made with oats and milk sourced from Scotland. Porridge is no longer seen as the poor persons breakfast, it is experiencing a huge renaissance due to it low glycaemic index and health benefits.“People are also being adventurous with their porridge and sexing it up by adding their favourite toppings such as apples, bananas, strawberries or raspberries in order to make this powerful, hugely nutritional breakfast even more so.

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