Tesco launches UK’s first ever plant-based condiment range

Rocketing demand for vegan sauces has prompted Tesco to launch the UK’s first ever plant-based condiment range.

With sales of plant-based food soaring by 37 per cent in the last year (IRI data Nov 2019) there has been a growing demand for sauces to complement the biggest culinary trend of the last decade.

Among the most popular plant-based sauces at Tesco in the last year have been Hellman’s Vegan Mayo – with a growth of nearly 400 per cent;

Tabasco Mild Green Pepper sauce – up by nearly 300 per cent and Sriracha sauces – up by 50 per cent.

The new sauces are part of the Wicked Kitchen range which is exclusive to Tesco. They are as follows:

  • Wicked Dreamy Beetroot Dressing – Thai inspired with coconut and lime
  • Wicked Mazin’ Mango Sauce – Sweet & fruity with turmeric root, squeeze of lime and a chilli kick
  • Wicked Hella’ Horseradish and Mustard Sauce – Punchy mustard with a hint of turmeric
  • Wicked Sriracha Sauce – With fiery birds eye chillies, garlic and a touch of sweetness
  • Wicked Sticky Teriyaki Sauce – Savoury, sticky & sweet soy ginger BBQ sauce
  • Wicked Asian Style BBQ Sauce – with an Oriental ginger and five spice kick

Tesco’s director of plant-based innovation Derek Sarno, who created the Wicked Kitchen range, said the release meets the growing need of plant-based food shoppers and those looking to reduce eating animals by creating an easy to use ‘kitchen toolbox’ of a recognisable range of vegan sauces.

The range is part of a wider plant-based food launch this month which will see 30 more products such as wraps, sandwiches, seasonings, dressings, hitting Tesco shelves across the UK.

Since launching its own plant-based brand, Plant Chef, a few months ago Tesco has seen demand for vegan foods in general rise by 40 per cent.

Dominika Piasecka, spokeswoman for The Vegan Society, said: “Tesco was among the first supermarkets to launch a ready-made vegan lunch range and is now leading the way in terms of vegan condiments, a sector neglected by other retailers.

“Being huge fans of Derek Sarno’s Wicked Kitchen vegan range, we have high expectations for these products and are pleased to see them priced the same as their non-vegan counterparts.”

The sauces will cost £1.75 each with the exception of Wicked Kitchen Dreamy Beet Root Dressing which costs £1.50. They will be available in up to 800 stores across the UK.

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