FOOD SAFETY:New guidance on contaimination

A new guide from the Campden & Chorleywood Food Association Research Group (CCFRA) will help companies in their manufacturing environment. The most significant is in the transfer of microbial contamination of ready to eat foods, which allows them to target control measures.

‘Ranking of cross contamination vectors of ready to eat foods: a practical approach’ is based on the findings of a CCFRA research project that aimed to establish a clearer understanding of the risks of exposure of ready to eat foods from microbial

This was done by identifying the vectors involved in the transfer of contamination, determining the level of contamination, assessing transfer conditions and quantifying contamination transfer.
Ranking of vectors using this approach shows clear differences between them in terms of microbial contamination transfer and identifies those that present the greatest risk to food, post decontamination.

Correct use of such information can help to reduce out of specification product and recalls, increase product safety and reduce costs.

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