PROCESSING: A slice of the action

Weber has introduced a new Food Robotics system intended to help food processors further automate food handling for greater hygiene and productivity.

Weber Food Robotics can be customised to satisfy a variety of complex tasks, serving both single and multiple slicing systems. Weber engineers have designed the system to work with all major lines of packaging equipment, using straight in feed or with the product turned 90 degrees. Current uses of these products include the precise placement of sliced meat portions onto sandwich breads and pizza, as well as accurate overlapping and placement of different meats into a single presentation for packaging.

Processors and marketers of meats, poultry and cheeses can now work together to add more value to products by using the new Portion Designer in order to create a limitless variety of presentation styles. Exhibited at the 2007 IFFA exhibition, Weber illustrated the flexibility of this new product by creating exciting presentations such as Valentine hearts and Christmas trees. Complex interwoven and overlapped multi-product presentations have also been created as standard programmes that can be made available to users through convenient touch screen control.

The anticipated markets for the creation and sale of new presentations include pre-made deli and party trays intended to be sold ready to eat.

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