INGREDIENTS: Farwell to hydrogenated fats

For today’s consumers, it’s not enough that a cake filling, mousse or other aerated dessert should have a delicious taste, a creamy texture and a pleasant feel in the mouth, it also has to be healthy.

Following the move away from hydrogenated fats, the new Lamequick range of whipping agents is based on non-hydrogenated fats and aims to help customers compete in a market, which increasingly demands healthier ingredients.

Lamequick whipping agents are supplied as spray-dried powders based on vegetable fats and also incorporate aerating emulsifiers and milk proteins. They are suitable for cake filling and decorating creams, artisan ice cream, mousses and other desserts. The three new products now additionally allow manufacturers to make the consumer-preferred claim that they contain non hydrogenated vegetable oil. They are suitable for cold liquids and textures.

There are three new Lamequick varieties the first of which is Lamequick C 69 with lactic acid ester of mono-diglycerides suitable for use in cold liquids. Lamequick CP 643 has propylene glycol mono-stearate that is used to achieve fine textures and finally Lamequick AS 352, which is acid stable.

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