Sensient Flavors presents a brand new bakery toolbox

Sensient Flavors has brought out a brand new Bakery Toolbox – a set of four miniature cakes, each dedicated to a particular season of the year.

The tasting samples have been designed to demonstrate the company’s expertise in flavour, texture and colour. The toolbox addresses diverse food and beverage segments, as the solutions demonstrated are suitable for a wide range of applications – eg bakery, confectionery, dairy and beverages.

With this offering, the company aims to provide food manufacturers with inspirational ideas to help them create bespoke flavour profiles, and seasonal combinations for the ultimate taste experience.

Sensient Flavors presents a brand new bakery toolboxSpring – light fusion

As an ideal spring fusion, Sensient Flavors suggests a light combination of Vanilla & Cherry Blossom flavours with the surprise crunch of Cherry Blossom-flavoured meringue pieces. Cherry Blossom is a spring-like natural flavouring from the company’s Floral Collection. The collection offers delicate floral notes as well as more green herbaceous types. Jasmine, Desert Wildflowers, Elderflower and Rose bring a taste twist for a multitude of applications, from cocktails and gin to confectionery and dairy.

With global vanilla demand as high as ever, the company application technologists are constantly expanding the selection of vanilla profiles – from luxurious Extracts and Natural Bourbon Vanilla flavourings to more cost-effective, nature synthetic Vanillin types. All are tailored and targeted to Sensient Flavors presents a brand new bakery toolboxmeet specific customer needs.

Summer – vibrant and visual

The promise of summer sunshine is reflected in a fruity Lemon and Raspberry marbled cake, highlighting growing demand for vibrant colours. Sensient’s Natural Colouring Solutions provide a full range of colour shades that can withstand high processing temperatures. Decorated with fondant fruits flavoured and coloured like the real thing, the cake addresses different food sectors for the application of these flavour and colour technologies – eg dairy and confectionery.

Autumn – new combinations

Sensient Flavors presents a brand new bakery toolboxAutumn conjures up decadent maple and sticky toffee sponge cakes with Scotch Whisky and Black Sesame-flavoured buttercream. The flavours evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia, making a harmonious combination that reflects growing consumer demand for exciting new flavour combinations. The fondant cinnamon sticks used to decorate the cake are flavoured with Cinnamon Extract – part of Sensient’s portfolio of 100% Natural Extracts. Other authentic taste profiles include Sicilian Lemon, Nigerian Ginger and Brazilian Orange, all sourced from their native regions, allowing manufacturers to label premium products with specific provenance declarations.

Winter – sensory stimulation

Indulgent coconut-flavoured sponge cake paired with Natural Red Fruit-flavoured buttercream reflects the essence of winter. The festive fondant Sensient Flavors presents a brand new bakery toolboxdecoration stimulates the senses with cooling sensations. Coconut Dairyboost is also added to create a rich, decadent mouthfeel to the sponge cake. Sensient Flavors’ Dairyboost system offers ingredients that combine a heat-stable dairy base with signature top notes such as Mascarpone, clotted cream and fresh milk.

“Our Bakery Toolbox focuses on market-driven insights and consumer demand for unusual and unexpected flavour combinations,” explains Ranbir Kooner, marketing manager EMEA at Sensient Flavors. “In the highly competitive food and beverage sectors, innovation is key. Our ingredients allow for the creation of tailor-made products that help manufacturers create unique flavour profiles, thus giving them a major advantage over their rivals.”

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