Jojo’s Chocolate announces new products and full re-brand

Jojo’s Chocolate, the maker of decadent guilt-free chocolate, has announced new bite-sized versions of its bars, an upgrade to its Peanut Butter Delight, two new flavours and a full re-brand.

Jojo’s prides itself in being the “sweet spot” between providing an everyday treat with a better-for-you snack. As the first chocolate brand to use added plant-based protein, Jojo’s offers half the sugar of a standard candy bar.

In addition to the launch of Jojo’s bite-sized bars comes the brand’s reformulated Peanut Butter Delight, now filled with creamy peanut butter and topped with peanut chunks. Jojo’s two new flavours are Raspberry Dream, a medley of raspberries, pistachios and almonds and Goes Hawaiian, which combines coconut shavings, sea salt and macadamia nuts.

Jojo’s full line of products have 0-8 grams of sugar, 3-7 grams of NET carbs, 4-6 grams of protein, and are keto, vegan, paleo, soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

“My mom was passionate about perfecting a delicious, low-sugar, guilt-free chocolate snack that satisfied her sugar cravings and I’m proud to say we’re continuing her legacy by using her same great recipe. With Jojo’s, we’re giving chocolate lovers a delicious treat and a healthier way to snack without trade-offs by using only premium dark chocolate, high-quality protein, and less sugar,” said Sterling Jones, president of Jojo’s.

“We are excited to share our line of delicious bites, new flavours, and revamped packaging.”

Jojo’s new products are available now from and the the full re-brand will be available from Thursday 12 March 2020.

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