Greek is the word for yogurt protein solution

Greek is the word for yogurt protein solutionArla Foods Ingredients has launched a protein solution that it says will enable yogurt manufacturers to produce Greek-style yogurts on their existing plant, with dramatically reduced levels of wastage.

Sales of Greek and Greek-style yoghurts are soaring globally, says Arla, but the specialist equipment usually needed to make them, and the low yields per kilogram of milk used, are major barriers to entry into the market for dairy companies.

However, a new range of Nutrilac proteins is set to change all that, says the ingredients firm.

“Nutrilac proteins for Greek-style yogurt are designed to be used in conjunction with Arla Foods Ingredients’ ‘Quick’ process – a manufacturing technique that eliminates the need for the whey separation step associated with traditional Greek yogurt-making,” explains Torben Jensen, application manager at Arla Foods Ingredients. “This means companies do not need to purchase expensive separation equipment to make Greek-style yoghurt and can, instead, use their existing yogurt-making machinery.

“In addition, the Quick process ensures that virtually 100 per cent of the milk used in the manufacturing process ends up in the final product.”

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