Teens are nuts over snacks

Recent research carried out across secondary schools in the UK has revealed that unsalted peanuts are a popular ingredient amongst teenagers.

After taste trials, a staggering 95% of pupils confirmed they would buy healthy snacks containing unsalted peanuts and dried fruit mixes.

These results will be of particular interest to manufacturers looking to tap into the growing healthy snacks market.

The research, co-commissioned by the American Peanut Council, looked at the snacking habits of over 2,000 children of secondary school age across the UK.
A considerable 56% of teens already enjoy healthy snacks – highlighting the potential of this market. Findings also showed that once introduced to healthier snacks, children enjoy them and feel better for eating them.

Following tasting sessions with products containing plain and flavoured, unsalted American peanuts, interest in healthy snacks containing nuts and trail mixes rose dramatically.

In addition to the high percentage stating they would purchase the snacks, 84% of respondents said they would recommend these snacks to friends.

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