Tulip Ltd unveils plans to further reduce food waste

Tulip has outlined plans to minimise food loss and waste throughout its supply chain.

With just 0.1% food waste across its UK sites, Tulip has one of the lowest reported waste levels across the food manufacturing industry, according to Wrap. As part of Tulip’s ongoing sustainability goals, the company is reviewing its entire supply chain hierarchy to help further reduce food waste and to ensure that any surplus food is donated for human consumption.

The strategy will include improving production efficiencies throughout its production sites to further minimise waste, while also supporting sites on the best ways to safely distribute any surplus produce.

Part of this process is working with FareShare to increase its contributions across its UK network. In 2019, Tulip provided 37.4 tonnes of surplus products to FareShare, enough for an estimated 90,049 meals for those in need.

Matt Dight, head of corporate social responsibility, Tulip, said: “We will continue to review our operations to reduce and minimise our impact on the environment, as part of our sustainability strategy, to ensure we have a culture that supports our people, our animals and our planet.”

“We’re proud to partner with FareShare who offer an incredible service to people across the UK and they are a fantastic asset for the food and drink industry to ensure that fit-for-consumption food is safely and securely re-distributed to charities and community groups instead of being wasted. We’re working closely with them at the moment to support with donations where possible to help people who need it most during these difficult times.”

Les Golden, food partners senior manager at FareShare, said: “A big thank you to Tulip for their donations of meat to support our network of charities and community groups across the UK. Meat is one of FareShare’s most sought after products, especially in the face of the current crisis, and will help greatly in allowing the charities to provide healthy and nutritious meals for their clients.”

As part of Tulip’s fight against food waste, the company is also a signatory of The Friends of Champions 12.3 network, formally pledging alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to reduce global food waste by 50% by 2030.

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