Farleygreene launches and updates Sievmaster Easilift sack tip station

Farleygreene has launched its new localised dust extraction system (LDEE) for the Sievmaster Easilift sack tip sieve.

Farleygreene’s LDEE is based on the Sievmaster Easilift sack tip station and features a complete dust control system. It can be fully integrated into production lines to enhance and improve all aspects of safety and hygiene whilst sack tipping powders.

“The concept originally came about following a customer request,” stated Daniel Morlan, area sales manager at Farleygreene, “but the innovative design has proven to be a successful addition to our popular Easilift model, and as a result, it has been added to our product range and is now available for general sale”, he added.

The customer needed to screen very dusty food powders at 2000kg per hour from sacks and required a system to control the amount of dust being produced to protect both the user and the surrounding environment. Rather than having a dust extraction system as an add on, the customer required a robust integrated solution and approached Farleygreene for a solution.

The LDEE model incorporates a horizontal filter and side mounted fan system, which is built onto the back of the sack tip hood. This allows a much larger HEPA, food grade, antistatic, ATEX compliant filter to be incorporated, trapping 99.9902% of dust down to a particle size of 0.2 micron.

Compared to the traditional solution, which is built vertically onto the hood, the side mounted system is 400mm shorter to fit in a single story and access to the filter is now quick and
easy. Tool free band clamps ensure that the cover is easily disconnected, providing access to the filter for removal and cleaning in less than one minute.

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