Celebs urged to say no to junk food ads

The UK Food Commission is introducing a charter for celebrities willing to pledge that they will not use their image to promote foods high in fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt.

Campaigners at the commission cite stars such as Ian Wright, Chris Hoy and David Beckham as having had their ‘brand’ linked to unhealthy foods. To counter the effect, they are planning a campaign to get junk food ‘refusers’ to sign up to a charter.
Actress Emma Thompson (left) has already pledged her support.“I do think a contract or petition would be a good thing and I’d certainly sign up to it, she says.“There’s so much rubbish out there and it appals me that we are used to sell it.
Jessica Mitchell, director of the Food Commission, adds:“Maybe we would all be eating our five a day, rather than barely three, if the humble apple or cabbage had the advertising budget devoted to sugar and saturated fat.

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