Ulrick & Short launches healthy reformulation campaign

Healthy reformulation has become a key area of NPD focus for many food sectors, and both consumers & authorities alike are increasing the pressure– demanding manufacturers develop healthier products. In response, Ulrick & Short has launched a campaign aimed at making manufacturers aware of the options for clean-label healthy reformulation, while also assisting in understanding the implications of upcoming HFSS legislation.

As explained by Ulrick & Short’s R&D manager, Danni Schroeter, from October 2022, products from more than 15 categories will be given a health score based upon their levels of saturated fat, sugar, calories & salt, as well as fibre, protein, and fruit, veg & nut content. If products score 4 or more, they will be subject to restrictions on marketing, volume promotions & in-store placements – potentially costing the food industry up to £3 billion.

Ulrick & Short’s Solutions & Training

Schroeter explains, “we have 4 main avenues through which we can help with healthy reformulation & HFSS scores,” these are:

  • Fat reduction – up to 50% fat reduction possible – replaces the functional properties of fat & gram for gram the most effective way to reduce HFSS scores;
  • Sugar reduction – up to 50% sugar reduction possible – replaces the functional properties of sugar (rather than sweetness) in any given application;
  • Protein fortification – enrich with proteins for better nutritional profiles & front of pack claims. Improves amino acid profiles in plant-based products;
  • Fibre fortification – enrich with fibres for better nutritional profiles.

All of which the company says is possible with little to no impact on product flavour & quality.

U&S is also offering Healthy Reformulation training designed to demonstrate effective ways of improving health scores & nutritional profiles specific to manufacturers’ applications – both with & without U&S’s ingredient technologies.

All Ulrick & Short’s ingredient portfolio are clean-label, plant-based & non-GM.

Strategic partnerships

Moreover, Ulrick & Short has made various strategic partnerships to strengthen its reformulation solutions. Head of Marketing & Communications at U&S, Robert Lambert, explains, “we have expanded our expertise & worked with academic & commercial partners to become an authority on healthy reformulation.”

Lambert added, “In the academic sphere, we have partnered with Harper Adams Food Technology Department – we’re collaborating with students to develop a clean-label, plant-based & HFSS compliant snacking product using U&S ingredient technologies.”

Additionally, Ulrick & Short has recently partnered with Food and Drink Federation Scotland’s Reformul8 Partnership. The initiative offers advice to Scottish manufacturers in order to improve nutritional profiles, as well as “linking up all the stakeholders involved in getting a healthier, reformulated product onto the dinner table.”

Joanne Burns, reformulation for health manager at Food and Drink Federation Scotland, said, “Food producers cannot reformulate alone… The Partnership connects multiple stakeholders involved in reformulation… includ[ing] ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers to wholesalers, retail, catering, and industry stakeholders.”

Burns added, “We are delighted to have Ulrick & Short as one of our Reformul8 Partnership businesses, illustrating their commitment to supporting reformulation for health in Scotland. Through collaboration we can show a demonstrable improvement in the nutritional profile of Scotland’s food and drink… to support the growing demand for healthier products.”

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