Andritz introduces new vacuum filter for maximum hygiene in processing

International technology group Andritz has launched Nutrion – an innovative vacuum drum filter with a hygiene-optimised design that ensures high-quality end products for demanding sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals. It features a self-emptying filter trough, a vapor-tight hood, and advanced control options.

Compared to traditional vacuum drum filters, the Nutrion vacuum filter from Andritz has multiple improved features to eliminate any risk of contamination – an essential requirement for separation equipment in the pharmaceutical or food industry. Its filter trough is designed without any internal mechanical components and with self-emptying capability, simplifying the maintenance process and increasing cleanliness in this sensitive area. The vapour-tight hood eliminates the risk of contamination, with integrated nozzles for fully automatic cleaning in place (CIP) as well as optional cake washing.

An innovative, magnetic clamping device takes filter-cloth installation to the next level by eliminating dirt traps and reducing downtime for cloth changes. For pre-coat applications, the product quality and staff safety are also enhanced by the addition of a pre-coat scraper with step motors, again with CIP and a fully enclosed design. Nutrion ensures increased safety for staff, highest hygiene, and product quality, while ensuring greater availability and minimizing manual interventions.

To further optimise process operations, Nutrion comes with the proven Metris addIQ control system, thus increasing production and further improving product quality. The Nutrion filter has optoelectronic sensors for measuring cake height as well as continuous trough level measurement. Production parameters are continuously monitored to facilitate identification of improvement and savings opportunities as well as predict any possible failures and thus practically eliminate downtime.

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