New natural starch from Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle has introduced a new natural starch to its line of waxy maize starches in order, it says, to provide a wider range of clean label textures for snack foods.

The X-Pand’R SC starch is the second to boast a clean label in the company’s X-Pand’R range of starches as the company looks to follow the trend for natural foods.
“Our customers have a growing interest in natural products and clean label products, and they are looking for new textures, says Tate & Lyle product manager Ryan Schuering.“We currently have a good line of snack starches, but first and foremost, when people ask about a new product they ask if it’s natural.
The new starch is made from cold water-swelling maize starch ‘with no artificial additives’ and has various applications within the snack category, including providing a crispy texture for extruded snacks at low temperatures, and as a light crisp coating for dried fruit and nuts on baked goods.

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