Applied Nutrition launches L-Carnitine sports drink

Applied Nutrition, a UK based sports nutrition company has announced the launch of its new L-Carnitine sports drink.

Carni-Tone is the company’s first flavoured spring water and adds to the company’s portfolio of ready to drink (RTD) products. It is also the company’s first L-Carnitine (a compound that supports energy metabolism) RTD beverage in Applied Nutrition’s line up and has been in development since early last year.

Available in three flavours: summer fruits, raspberry and cherry, and apple and blackcurrant, the company said it has taken its time to perfect the blend to get the optimum natural taste, and based on pre-launch feedback they say they’ve got it just right.

The new 500ml drink contains zero sugar, zero calories, 1,500mg of L-Carnitine, vitamins B3, B6 & B12, and is mineral rich thanks to it being produced with Northumbria spring water.

Northumbria spring water is renowned for its high levels of calcium and magnesium which the company says provides the perfect base for a fresh, naturally flavoured, premium sports drink.

For more information, visit Applied Nutrition’s website.

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