MicroSalt to begin global expansion

UK intellectual property investment group Tekcapital PLC has announced a major expansion of its MicroSalt brand. MicroSalt, which is the operating subsidiary of Salarius Ltd, is designed to compete in the low salt and low sodium market.

MicroSalt develops a low-sodium salt called MicroSalt. The product’s key feature is its small salt particles about one hundred times smaller than typical table salt, that use a large surface area-to-volume ratio to generate a salty taste while using significantly less salt.

The expansion of MicroSalt is driven by a major new deal with the firm’s Mexican distribution partner FXM. Meanwhile MicroSalt’s SaltMe brand of low sodium potato crisps into over 1,350 retail stores to-date. Rick Guiney, MicroSalt’s CEO, said the company’s continued success was “a testament to the timeliness of our products and our ability to customise our production.”

Commenting on the expansion, Clifford Gross, CEO, Tekcapital said: “Our intellectual property investment group is focused on creating products from investing in university developed technologies that can improve people’s lives. All our portfolio companies are built around this principle.”

Gross continued: “We established Salarius ltd with the hopes of making a dent in cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading health problem causing 17.9 million pre-mature deaths annually and is related to high sodium consumption, especially from consuming snack and other prepared foods. According to the FDA, reducing daily sodium intake from 3,400 mg to 2,300 mg/day will reduce approximately 28,000 premature deaths per year in the U.S. It’s estimated that 70% of the sodium is consumed in snack and other prepared foods. Salarius’ MicroSalt is able to provide the same full-flavour of salt with approximately half of the sodium.”

This results from the company’s new patented technology that produces salt crystals that are approximately one hundred times smaller than typical table salt, delivering a powerful saltiness as the micro-grains rapidly dissolve in the mouth, with approximately 50% less sodium MicroSalt is a potential disrupter in the low-sodium salt category, because it provides full flavour with much less sodium for any surface application.

If MicroSalt becomes widely used, the company believes it can reduce excess sodium consumption in the population which would help reduce high blood pressure the leading contributing factors for the development of heart disease.

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