Nutrigums creates probiotic for tummy TLC

Nutrigums creates probiotic for tummy TLC

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Functional food provider, Nutrigums has launched a new on-the-go vegan vitamin gummy to combat the one in four Brits who are suffering from gut health issues.

The new supplement, Nutrigums Happy Tums, is additionally fortified with vitamins B6, B3, B5, and C and are suitable for adults and children aged 5+. With friendly bacteria to help improve probiotic intake, the supplements have been formulated to give digestive health a boost.

Nearly everyone will experience digestive issues at some point in their life with a recent study finding that one in four Brits suffering from gut health issues. But, with gut health playing a huge role in our body’s ability to function it is important that we turn to our diets to improve our overall health.

recent study by Harvard medical school found that a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can cause of anxiety, stress, or depression. That’s because the brain and the gastrointestinal system are intimately connected.

According to Nutrigums, the gummy supplements can have an incredible effect on aiding a healthy gut, as many individuals are now starting to put more thought into how they can put some more TLC into their tummies.

Probiotics are essential for a healthy gut, but are often forgotten about in favour of other key supplement like iron and vitamin D. At the right levels, probiotics aid digestion and improve nutrient absorption. While they are found in fermented foods such as milk and yogurt, it is also recommended to supplement intakes through other means.

Fabian Whittingham, co-founder of Nutrigums said: “We are always trying to create supplements which can have an effect on individuals’ entire body. When you look at the research on how much gut health can improve your mental health – it is a concern that so many people are not aware of the link between the two.

“With our newest gummies, we want to give families a quick and easy option to improve their heath on multiple fronts.”

Happy tums are suitable for adults and kids aged 5+ and are brimming with friendly bacteria, suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike – this is due to the pectin fruit base, instead of the standard animal derived gelatine that people have come to expect from gummy-based products. The Happy Tum gummies also contain chamomile, the family friendly herb that has been noted for its calming effect as well as a positive effect on digestion.

Founded on family values, husband and wife duo Fabian and Louise Whittingham were motivated to create a convenient gummy that could assist all age groups and support those with additional health needs.

It has always been important for them as parents to monitor the food and drink intake of their son Jack, 20, who suffers with developmental disabilities, in order for him to be getting the right nutritional ingredients into his diet.

Nutrigums products are deliciously designed using plant-based ingredients to ensure edibility for vegans and vegetarians alike, while also conforming to eco-conscious consumer standards.

All flavourings are 100% natural, Nutrigums products are GMO free.

The Happy Tum Gummy will be available across Amazon and selected Superdrug, Morrisons and Tesco stores across the UK from 20 May for RPR £8.99.  You can purchase other Nutrigums products right now below online at:

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