Beneo acquires Meatless to expand plant-based portfolio

Beneo has acquired Dutch company, Meatless to ensure it becomes a ‘major player’ in the field of plant-based texturising solutions for meat and fish alternatives.

The move comes amid a huge rise in demand for plant-based products, with figures showing that the market for fish and meat alternatives is expected to grow by more than 10% CAGR over the next five years [source: Euromonitor].

The acquisition of Meatless allows Beneo to broaden its portfolio and offer customers a selection of plant-based solutions that serve as texturisers for meat and fish alternatives.

Beneo said it sees great prospects for the new range of solutions in Europe as a focus market in the first instance, with plans to further expand globally.

Commenting on the announcement, Andreas Herber, member of the executive board at Beneo said following the recently announced investment into a new faba bean processing plant, the acquisition of Meatless is the “next logical step to reaffirm Beneo’s commitment to strengthening its business with solutions for plant-based alternatives.”

Meatless, founded in 2005 and located in Goes, The Netherlands, is a supplier of textured plant-based ingredients with a portfolio of solutions derived from different raw materials (ie rice, faba beans, wheat, pea, lupin and quinoa).

The range fully complements Beneo’s ingredients portfolio and allows for exciting new combinations. As a result, Beneo’s customers will benefit from a much broader variety and greater flexibility that supports the development of meat and fish alternatives.

Meatless’ products are sustainable by design, with the production processes achieving a very low carbon footprint, further supporting Beneo’s aim to use state-of-the-art production facilities to reduce total CO2 emissions.

Commenting on Beneo’s and Meatless’s “natural fit”, Andreas Herber said Beneo’s raw material expertise and ingredient knowledge, in combination with Meatless’ technology and product portfolio, will provide customers with a versatile plant-based toolbox for meat and fish alternatives.

“The acquisition will allow for exciting new developments within Beneo’s portfolio, while also supporting the business’ sustainability ambitions,” he said.

The current management of Meatless will stay on board following the acquisition.

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