GEA’s vertical bagging solution takes centre stage at PPMA

GEA will be promoting its expertise in packaging and slicing solutions at PPMA 2022 with the GEA SmartPacker TwinTube vertical bagger being the centre of attention on Stand D120 at the NEC.

GEA’s engineers at the show will also be on hand using interactive technology to give visitors a digital experience of the company’s huge choice of complete production lines available for a wide range of manufacturing applications. This will include the benefits to the food industry of its efficient slicing technology and thermoforming machines.

Claiming bagging rights will be the SmartPacker TwinTube system which offers high speed and impressive output levels with top packaging quality. It runs up to four times the speed of a conventional bagger – achieving combined speeds of up to 500 bags per minute (weighing 10g to 18g each) – and is ideal for a variety of applications such as confectionery, savoury snacks, nuts and small cookies. GEA will be showing the machine running plastic and paper materials, demonstrating its flexibility and ability to effortlessly run sustainable packing materials.

The GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoformer epitomises efficiency, package quality and safety with improved productivity and slashed operating costs. Ideal for products such as meats, cheese, seafood, dairy and fresh produce, PowerPak PLUS offers better hygiene, easy access and simple handling.

Also in the spotlight is GEA’s range of flexible slicing solutions which can help products stand out on crowded supermarket shelves. The firm’s technology and know-how is second to none in this field. Its slicing, scanning, weighing and loading systems arrange sliced products in a variety of visually appealing, space-saving and consumer-friendly ways.

Greg Austin, director of sales, said visitors to the GEA stand will get an in-depth insight into the latest advances in machinery that can help companies achieve more efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.

He added: “PPMA is the perfect platform to showcase the technology and expertise we can offer to current and prospective customers alike. We’re confident our range of equipment, which can also be adapted to provide vacuum and MAP, will meet perfectly any manufacturer’s demands.”

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