New batch mixer adds value

Tetra Pak Processing has aTetra Albatch 1 imagedded a new model to its range of batch production units for food processing.

Tetra Albatch 1 is a basic batch unit for smooth and particulate liquid foods and can be used in batch production or for pre-treatment in a continuous production system. Flexible, versatile and easy to use, it is ideal for ‘mechanically sensitive’ products for blending and pre-treating soups, sauces, dairy deserts, cake fillings and jam. It may also be used as a food processor for heating up to 95°C.

Amongst the benefits is a unique helix agitator which ensures gentle treatment and protects sensitive particles, whilst scraping blades give efficient heat transfer and limit heat load. The design also minimises air incorporation to help provide the highest product quality.

Alan Stack of Tetra Pak Processing said, “The Tetra Albatch 1 uses proven technology to guarantee consistently high quality production without breaking the bank.”

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