Printers for flexible packaging and labelling

Videojet Technologies, a manufactuStella Dora 001rer of coding, marking, and printing products, has introduced two new Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) to its DataFlex product line.

The new DataFlex 6320 and 6420 products are designed to address a range of flexible packaging and labelling applications in the snack foods, bakery, meat and poultry, confectionery and other markets.  The DataFlex 6320, available in both 32mm and 53mm print width formats, is designed for low cost of ownership and is ideal for moderate speed applications including vertical form, fill, and seal, whilst the high performance DataFlex 6420 offers higher throughput to provide more capability for faster marking applications.

Offered in both 53mm and 107mm print width formats, the DataFlex 6420 application range spans ultrafast horizontal form, fill, seal and wide format coding applications requiring a significant amount of content. Both models offer advanced features to improve uptime and productivity including a standard high capacity ribbon roll and ribbon saving features that provide line throughput between ribbon changeovers. The new products are reportedly simple to operate and include Code Assurance as standard. Code Assurance offers advanced features that help to virtually eliminate product waste and re-work caused by coding errors by helping to ensure the right code is printed on the right product.

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