Applied Nutrition launches Paddy the Paddy Signature Flavour pre-workout

Applied Nutrition is starting 2023 with a bang thanks to the launch of its new ‘Baddy Berry’ flavour of its award-winning ABE pre-workout.

Baddy Berry is UFC superstar Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett’s signature flavour of ABE, and the first new ABE flavour to hit the shelves in more than a year.

The global demand for pre-workout products has grown considerably in recent years and growth is projected to continue since pre-workout products are now in mainstream demand, as more people discover the benefits of supplementing their exercise to maximise performance and motivation.

Applied Nutrition’s ABE changed the game in pre-workout products when it launched in 2016 with a sophisticated formula that gym goers loved. It became the UK’s best-selling pre-workout that same year and has since gone on to become Europe’s best selling pre-workout product and is sold in more than 65 countries across the world.

Since 2016, Applied Nutrition has launched ABE in a variety of formats, including a carbonated drink, energy gel and shots, giving customers a wider choice of formats that best suit them and their routine.

‘Baddy Berry’ uses the same much-loved formula and blends sweet strawberry and tangy raspberry for perfect fresh fruit taste. ABE’s formula includes a carefully selected blend of established and highly researched ingredients including citrulline malate, beta-alanine, creatine, caffeine, theacrine and B vitamins, all designed to raise energy levels, reduce tiredness and boost focus.

Applied Nutrition is also launching a USA version of Baddy Berry to support the company’s launch in America using a formulation tailored to the US market.

Steve Granite, Applied Nutrition’s chief operating officer said: “We want every ABE offering to meet the high standards of existing ABE products, so our team has taken its time, working with Paddy on flavours he likes and developed a version of ABE that we’re both really pleased with and we know consumers are going to love.

“ABE plays a vital role in millions of people’s workout routines every day and we know great taste plays a big part in which pre-workout they choose. That’s a big responsibility for us but we think we’ve nailed it, and Baddy Berry is an awesome new flavour of ABE for people to fuel their workout.”

ABE powder, carbonated drinks, shots and gels can be purchased online at, health and supplement stores nationwide and online retail such as

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