IFF launches BCLEAR to stabilise beer more efficiently and sustainably

IFF has released a new enzymatic solution that allows breweries to maintain the clarity of beer with a smarter, simplified process.

The company says by using BCLEAR, breweries can achieve a more cost efficient and robust stabilisation process, compared to other enzymatic solutions. When switching to BCLEAR from traditional methods of stabilisation, breweries can simplify the beer making process, whilst increasing their energy and water savings. Additionally, unlike non-enzymatic solutions, BCLEAR improves foam stability in the beer and reduces gluten content.

“We’re bringing new expertise in colloidal stabilisation,” said Jens Magnus Eiken, Master Brewer and global product manager for Brewing & Distilling enzymes at IFF. “BCLEAR is a strong performing solution that is smarter, simpler, more efficient and sustainable. Now, brewers can have greater confidence when optimizing their beer-making process.”

According to IFF, compared to other enzymatic solutions on the market, BCLEAR provides more efficient haze reduction leading to cost-in-use savings, as demonstrated by extensive internal and customer trials. BCLEAR delivers a more robust process thanks to its high efficiency, allowing for dosage optimisation. Once optimum dosage for stabilisation is reached, BCLEAR is designed to deliver a very consistent response, allowing brewers to get it right the first time, achieving quality targets and reducing risks of loss or rework.

“Due to minimal handling, BCLEAR is easier to use in production, compared to non-enzymatic solutions; it does not affect the beer taste, improves foam stability, while enabling the production of low-gluten beer,” said Sven Schönenberg, Ph.D., Master Brewer and global application group manager for Brewing & Distilling enzymes at IFF. “The solution helps breweries reach their gluten target faster, shortening the beer release time and reducing process complexity, compared to current enzymatic solutions. Choices become easy when you can see the benefits right in front of you and BCLEAR is smarter, simpler, more efficient, and more sustainable.”

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