Tapp’d Cocktails five new canned cocktails for the summer

Tapp’d Cocktails creators of the UK’s only mixologist quality ready to drink cocktails, are launching a brand new range of canned cocktails – ready for the summer.

After taking customer feedback on board, the brand is launching a range of five new canned cocktails in their best-selling flavours: Strawberry Daiquiri (6% ABV), Pina Colada (6% ABV), Sex on the Beach (6% ABV), Mojito (6% ABV) and Espresso Martini (10% ABV).

Having originally launched bottled ready to drink cocktails as a more premium offering, the new canned range is not only 100% sustainable, but is portable for outdoor summer occasions such as festivals.

Tapp’d Cocktails says it handcrafts the UK’s only mixologist quality ready to drink cocktail range. Each cocktail has carefully selected the finest ingredients including real fruit, ethically sourced coffee, and award-winning spirits to create ready to serve cocktails that taste exceptional and pour perfectly, every time.

Strawberry Daiquiri (Available in packs of 12 RRP £25 and mixer packs)

Tapp’d Strawberry Daiquiri contains fresh strawberry expertly blended with a double shot of award winning five year aged rum and fresh lime juice. With its fresh fruity flavour, it has remained a firm favourite since its launch.

Pina Colada (Available in packs of 12 RRP £25 and mixer packs)

This delicious drink contains a predominantly creamy but pleasing blend of coconut cream, organic pineapple juice and a double shot of award-winning rum. The perfect taste and texture combination has led to Tapp’d Cocktails winning many national awards for their incredible Pina Colada.

Sex on the Beach (Available in packs of 12 RRP £25 and mixer packs)

A blend of peach, raspberry and cranberry with a craft distillery vodka, this is a timeless classic and one of the first cocktails in the Tapp’d bottle range – it was the one everyone was asking for, but nobody seemed to be making. This drink delivers lots of upfront fruit with a real sweetness and an enjoyable level of alcohol, resulting in a hugely enjoyable summer drink.

Mojito (Available in packs of 12 RRP £25 and mixer packs)

Tapp’d Cocktails have diligently blended real garden mint, lime juice, carbonated water and a double shot of 5-year aged rum, to create this fresh and natural-tasting cocktail. This is a drink that might be remembered months from now, as summer turns to fall, and you find yourself recounting the highlights of the sun-and-fun season.

Espresso Martini (Available in packs of 12 RRP £25 and mixer packs)

To achieve the perfect Espresso Martini, Tapp’d Cocktails have sourced the highest quality 100% cold brewed Arabica coffee, expertly blended with vanilla and a double shot of overproof craft distillery vodka. The cocktail also has deliciously decadent chocolate and cherry tones running throughout.

Tapp’d Cocktails brand new summer canned range will be available on their website from 25th May 2023.

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