Global first for Terra Alegre with tethered SIG MaxxCap Linked introduction

Terra Alegre’s continued partnership with SIG has added another sustainable solution to its portfolio with the tethered SIG MaxxCap Linked on SIG’s carton packs.

Terra Alegre is the dairy factory of the international retail and consumer goods Jerónimo Martins Group (based in Portugal with operations in Poland and Colombia) offering whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, and skimmed milk in SIG SlimlineBloc carton packs with SIG MaxxCap Linked.

Both Terra Alegre and SIG made the move to stay ahead of the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive, which includes a requirement for all single-use beverage containers to come with caps that stay attached to the pack, by July 2024. This will ensure the caps are disposed of, and recycled, with the rest of the pack.

SIG MaxxCap Linked is designed to be used on SIG’s existing filling machines and closure applicators.

SIG added this demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of SIG’s packaging and filling solutions to provide maximum planning and long-term investment security for food and beverage manufacturers, who have to comply with the EU’s SUP directive.

Pedro Freire, managing director at Terra Alegre: “We are committed to providing our clients, not only with the highest quality product, but also the most convenient and sustainable packaging solutions. By adding tethered caps to SIG’s carton packs, we are the first to offer this tethered closure well ahead of the EU’s directive, providing our clients an even more eco-friendly package.”

The tethered cap of SIG MaxxCap Linked can be firmly fixed at the desired position by pressing it down to the top of the pack until it gets into its ‘parking mode’. There is no need to hold the cap down and users can easily pour from the pack without any cap interference. For closing, the cap just needs to be lifted slightly before being closed the usual way. Tethering also adds further convenience in closing, as the cap is always close at hand and doesn’t get lost.

Julio García Cuerva, head of sales Iberia at SIG: “We’ve worked closely with Terra Alegre to ensure the company stays well ahead of European regulatory requirements. As such, Terra Alegre can reassure its consumers that they are already contributing to minimising plastic waste leaking into the environment and oceans.”

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