Marel and Treif offer an expanded portfolio of advanced dicers

The alliance of Marel and Treif is now offering processors  an expanded portfolio of advanced, robust dicing solutions to meet the challenges of today’s market demands.

Regardless of the size of the business or its needs, the duo said its single-skill and full-line integrated dicing solutions use sophisticated cutting technology and intelligent software to help future-proof business.

“Our comprehensive portfolio provides compact solutions which maximise dicing flexibility in a space-saving design and full-line solutions which can be integrated with conveyor belts for automated loading, scales for fixed-weight batching and processing, or packing lines to provide seamless operations with increased throughput,” the company’s said in a statement.

To address the call to become more sustainable to remain competitive, Marel said all of its dicing solutions combine advanced Eco-dicing and Vartronic technology to reduce energy use and lower operation costs while providing high-quality end-products.

Eco-dicing utilises a low inertia motor to control rather than regulate dicing as Vartronic technology determines the pressure and speed needed in gridsets and cut-off knives. By automatically adjusting power levels to suit product temperature and consistency, the intelligent cutting process ensures the precision of each cut. Vartronic technology even adjusts to compensate for blunt blades in the gridset, reducing the risk of damage to valuable end products.

Blade quality is a crucial factor in providing accurate cuts every time. Manufactured in Oberlahr, each blade is perfectly matched to the solution, so processors can depend on a consistent cutting quality that increases yield and meets product specifications every time.

When cutting, the counter-rotation of the gridset blades works to stabilise the product and increase cut length. This ensures cuts remain accurate and end-products are of a consistent, high quality, even when dicing soft, crumbly, tender and cooked products.

The design of each dicing solution is carefully considered to be easy to clean, improve hygiene and to meet global food hygiene standards. Patented bearing sleeves protect product from unsightly “black smears,” ensuring the end product is of the highest value. When hatches and doors are opened and secured, the wide openings and smooth, screwless stainless steel interior enable fast and efficient cleaning during product change-overs or at end-of-day. The wide openings also allow for easy maintenance access.

Gridsets can be rapidly disassembled thanks to the ergonomic, toolless design. Blades can be individually replaced, reducing operational costs and improving process sustainability through waste reduction. Reassembly is equally user-friendly, the correct position of the gridset is achieved every time.

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