Mars Wrigley tests recyclable paper wrappers

Mars Wrigley is testing recyclable paper wrappers for its Mars bars in a United-Kingdom-first, making them available for a limited time in Tesco stores.

Following the trial, Mars Wrigley said it will apply learnings in other trials across the region, all in the name of its Sustainable in a Generation Plan.

“We’re delighted to partner with Mars to trial an alternative version of their iconic Mars bar packaging — aligning to our own strategy of removing plastic and packaging in our business where we can, reducing it where we can’t, reusing more and recycling what’s left,” said Andrew Flood, Tesco packaging development manager.

Adam Grant, general manager, Mars Wrigley UK, noted the approach allows the brand to test a significant reduction in the use of plastic.

“With this pilot project, we’re taking a big step to see how paper-based packaging works in everyday life,” said Grant. “And while (we realise) challenges might impact the pace of progress towards our vision, we’re committed to scaling up viable solutions where recycling options exist and to test, learn, partner and advocate where they don’t.”

The company also noted that the move is part of a “resolute quest” for a sustainable future, with hundreds of millions of dollars to reimagine and redesign packaging across our extensive portfolio.

With 12,000 packaging types across its portfolio, Mars said it has already made strong headway, with almost half of its packaging portfolio undergoing redesign to make it easier to recycle or elimination of unnecessary materials.

One such move launched earlier this year in Australia and New Zealand means Mars bars and Snickers in that region will be wrapped in recyclable paper-based packaging (meaning they can be tossed in customers’ recycling bin).

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