Krones’ ErgoBloc L helps Danone’s Volvic address future challenges

Danone is to complete the installation of five ErgoBloc L wet-end blocks in various plants in France and Spain by the end of 2023 as it seeks to remain competitive in the bottled water markets.

The arrival of the innovative ErgoBloc technology is a turning point for Volvic’s parent company, Danone, in Europe and is part of a European strategic partnership between Danone and Krones.

“In order to anticipate future challenges in terms of energy and space savings, as well as bottle lightening and the use of recycled materials, we selected the Krones ErgoBloc L. Based on the joint experience we’ve already gained over the past eight years with the Danone group at several sites in Southeast Asia, the ErgoBloc L solution clearly emerged as the most sustainable one,” explains Bruno Perrier, engineering manager at Volvic.

The order is for a package of five wet-end blocks from Krones, four of which will go to France and one to Spain. With them, Danone is driving its vision of upgrading the company’s water production in Europe across the board with improved technology and, at the same time, deepening its successful partnership with Krones.

The first ErgoBloc L in Volvic, France, is already in operation, filling the still water brand Volvic eau minérale naturelle at 56,000 square 1.5-liter rPET containers per hour. Now, the second Krones wet-end block is nearly ready to go online. It will fill the natural mineral water in square 0.5-litre bottles made of 100 percent rPET – at a record speed of 75,000 containers per hour. The block is likewise equipped to change over to 1.5-litre bottles, which it can process at 56,000 containers per hour.

Volvic says it opted for the wet-end block from Krones because the combination of the Contiform 3 Speed blow moulder, the Modulfill VFJ filler, and the Ergomodul labeller makes high-speed labelling possible. The process was specifically tested for Volvic bottles in advance of the order because, unlike on most square bottles, the Volvic bottle’s label area is not cylindrical but rather square-shaped, just like the rest of the bottle. And that presents a particular challenge when it comes to labelling.

This second ErgoBloc L is slated to go into operation in spring 2023 and thus help bring the French beverage maker another step closer to its goal of upgrading its water production in Europe.

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