CSM Ingredients takes Hi-Food unit to US in bid to grow footprint

CSM Ingredients has taken its Hi-Food platform to the US to support clients and collectively transform the food industry through research, development, and and production of natural value-added ingredients.

The global player in ingredients said the unit, which will be active from New York State, will build on successes achieved in the European market.

Hi-Food uses technology and research at the core of its activities and is committed to creating high-quality natural ingredients that meet the growing demand for natural and clean label products.

The company’s product portfolio includes: fibres and new-generation vegetable proteins, tailor-made extruded textured vegetable proteins, substitutes for sugars, salt, eggs, palm oil and animal fats, natural shelf-life extenders, systems for vegan sauces & dressings as well as for gluten-free and plant-based products.

Aldo UVA, CEO of CSM Ingredients said CSM’s commitment to be a net-positive ingredient tech platform continues and the company is working to identify new opportunities to contribute to a new “sustainable and nutritionally balanced food industry evolution.”

He added: “I am proud of our Group’s continued expansion within the United States by building on 2022’s entry in our platform of the US-based Parker Food Group. Hi-Food USA marks another significant step for us as we create an integrated presence in a dynamic and stimulating ingredients market.”

Under the leadership of Massimo Ambanelli, Hi-Food CCO, the US-based team will focus on developing a tailored assortment of ingredients specifically for the US market, while promoting local production as much as possible.

According to Hi-Food USA, the team’s efforts are focused on two key development areas: savoury ingredients for sauces and ready meals, fillings and coatings and plant-based food products, as well as bakery/sweet ingredients that will help elevate the way beloved products are made such as conventional and gluten-free baked goods, ice cream, desserts.

Additionally, managed in coordination with the Italian international sales department, dedicated executives will oversee business development to drive growth and expansion through expertise and technologies.

Hi-Food by CSM Ingredients was founded in 2012 in Parma, in the heart of the Italian “Food Valley”, by a group of entrepreneurs in the field of natural ingredients. Over the years, the company has developed expertise and knowledge of applications in the production and use of natural products, such as new fibres, proteins, gluten-free nucleuses, clean label and plant-based systems.

In February 2022, Hi-Food joined CSM Ingredients.

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