Amcor Capsules and Aludium collaborate to accelerate low-carbon aluminium in screwcaps

An Amcor Capsules and Aludium partnership has produced a certified and independently verified low-carbon aluminium product for use in screwcaps.

Aludium is one of Europe’s leading aluminium suppliers.

The collaboration brings an aluminium product to market with more than 50% reduction in carbon footprint compared to the average carbon footprint for primary aluminium sold in Europe. The new technology produces less than 4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per tonne of aluminium, from raw material extraction right up until delivery. This saving is made possible thanks to the combined use of recycled content and the careful selection of low-carbon primary aluminium. When compared to primary aluminium produced in China, it represents an average carbon footprint reduction of more than 80%; China primary aluminium: 20 tonnes CO2 eq/tonnes alu, (source: The International Aluminium Institute) .

The new technology also known as Aludium Eco Brand 4.0, includes Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions meaning that 4 tonnes of CO2 is produced per tonne of semi-finished aluminium.

According to The International Aluminium Institute, primary aluminium is produced from alumina, typically by electrolysis, and with an aluminium content of 99,7%. Primary aluminium excludes alloying additives and recycled aluminium possibly include a small amount of runaround scrap. (Source: Global Advisory Group GAG – Guidance “Terms and Definitions” – 2011-01 and The International Aluminium Institute (IAI)).

“We are passionate about bringing more sustainable products to market,” explains Bertrand Daru, sustainability director of Amcor Capsules. “We are already leading the market with 96% of our products being recycle-ready. But we want to go further and reduce the levels of CO2 emitted during manufacturing. Our aluminium screw caps now offer a more sustainable alternative for wine and spirits brands and distributors.”

The GHG emissions produced by this improved generation of aluminium are verified by a third party and certified according to ISO-14067-1:2018 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards. This certification process has been rigorously carried out between Amcor Capsules and Aludium to offer total transparency of the aluminium carbon footprint.

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