Drinkwell drives forward functional alcohol with low-carb beer and zero sugar wines

DrinkWell says it is bringing consumers and wholesalers the widest selection of lifestyle alcohol on the market, with the launch of Lean Brew and Traces red wine.

The UK’s home of the ‘better choice beverage’ said at 4.1% ABV and containing just 4g carbs, zero sugar and 99 calories per can, Lean Brew is the cleanest beer on the market, with over 35% fewer calories than other IPAs on average. Since its launch, over 10,000 cases of Lean Brew have been sold highlighting an appetite for an IPA that is light on the waistline.

Lean Brew was recently awarded Gold at the EU Craft Beer Awards 2023, following Gold in 2021 & 2022. In addition to the on and off trade launch of Lean Brew, DrinkWell also added a red Cinsault wine to its Traces collection, joining the existing zero sugar Traces Sauvignon Blanc and Rose bottles.

Traces Wines continue to rapidly grow in popularity and distribution across the UK and Europe. It is crafted using Grenache, Sauvignon and Cinsault grapes harvested in the South of France by innovative methods and early-ripening with pioneering fermentation techniques to guarantee zero sugar.

Each 125ml serving is 11% ABV, sugar & carb-free, and at just 78 calories it’s around 20% lighter than other classic French wines. Each glass of Traces’ clean wine is sustainable, due to environmentally friendly production schemes, and suitable for vegans, coeliacs, and those following a low carb diet.

Tom Bell, founder of DrinkWell, noted that in the US, the low carb beer market is worth over $25bn, with brewers in the UK are just starting to dip their toes into this “lucrative, in-demand sector”.

“Generally, grocers have been slow to react to this change in demand, so while the low and no alcohol drinks market has grown exponentially over the past 12 months, options are still limited when it comes to lower calorie, carb or sugar beverages, Bell said. “Low alcohol options tend to be high in sugar and carbs but are confusingly marketed as the ‘healthy option’. We’re leading the way for consumers looking for a lighter beer, wine or spirit, while still providing them with the quality flavour and alcohol content they’ve come to know and love.

“We’re immensely proud to have been leading the specialised lifestyle wine and beer market for over a decade now, and know that with our world-class innovation and product development we’ll continue to spearhead growth in the sector. Ultimately, it’s all about allowing consumers to make the right decision for them when it comes to their alcohol consumption and providing an alternative option to the mainstream.”

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