Ingredion’s new stevia solutions streamline formulations across categories

Ingredion’s PureCircle Clean Taste Solutions is the global provider of specialty ingredients answer to providing zero calorie sweetness for several applications.

“Removing sugar and artificial sweeteners in product formulation is not one-size-fits-all,” said Nate Yates, global platform lead for sugar reduction at Ingredion. “PureCircle Clean Taste Solutions are designed to streamline product formulation by delivering unique sweetness profiles required by food and beverage brands. Our team of experts helps our customers to develop the best sweetening experience and quickly bring them to market.”

According to Ingredion, PureCircle Clean Taste Solutions can provide clean-tasting sweetness across several categories including beverages, dairy, tea, coffee, sports nutrition, bakery, confectionery, savoury, sauces and dressings. The company adds that PureCircle by Ingredion has the broadest portfolio of stevia sweeteners as the new solutions utilise more of the stevia plant for increased performance and cost in use.

“It is widely acknowledged Reb M is the best tasting glycoside on the market, but what we’ve seen is there is no one universal stevia solution across food and beverage categories,” Yates continued. “These stevia solutions go one step further by harnessing more of the synergies between molecules in the stevia leaf, including Reb M, to create the best possible taste outcome for specific applications for up to 100% sugar reduction.”

There have been significant advancements in stevia sweeteners in recent years to improve taste performance, sustainability and availability of rare stevia molecules. PureCircle is the world’s leading producer and innovator of stevia ingredients, and is the only stevia supplier to offer all of the major stevia production technologies.

Last year the company published a peer-reviewed lifecycle assessment, which demonstrated the sustainability advantages of stevia when compared to other sweeteners like sugar on a sweetness equivalence basis.

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