AM Labels expands portfolio with new digital label press

AM Labels has added the new Afinia DLP-2200 full colour digital label press to its portfolio.

The DLP-2200 is a fast and cost effective solution for companies with medium to high volume, roll-to-roll labelling requirements.

The new digital label press from Afinia can print, die cut and finish labels at an impressive speed of up to 60 feet per minute, while also being capable of laminating, cutting, stripping, slitting and rewinding.

In addition to benefitting from a large roll capacity that accommodates rolls with a maximum outside diameter of 400 mm, the press also features an automatic web guide to keep the media aligned without the use of physical collars. Thanks to the large 18 inch magnetic cylinder that utilises low cost, flexible steel dies, the digital label press can accommodate label sizes with a maximum length of up to 360 mm.

The DLP-2200 offers increased reliability and faster production speeds due to its servo-controlled motors, which facilitate accurate pinpoint cutting, even at high speeds. Furthermore, the press offers businesses the advantage of significantly reducing their label stock, and improving efficiency, due to less frequent roll changeovers being required.

The DLP-2200 is ideal for print companies with medium to large volume requirements, as well as businesses operating in chemical and food industries. In addition, thanks to its intuitive interface and built-in touch screen, the DLP-2200 is simple to operate and enables users to manage job setups and maintenance with ease.

The digital label press benefits from a built-in lamination system, providing labels with protection against chemicals and UV, while increasing durability, scratch and scuff resistance. The lamination process will also help to extend the life of the labels. Productivity is further increased due to the simple paper path that ensures easy and fast job setups.

With the Afinia L901 colour label printer inline, the DLP-2200 can produce over 25,000 full-colour labels per hour, eliminating the need to outsource labels, while saving businesses money, improving turnaround times and providing companies with greater control and flexibility over their labelling operations.

The L901 combines a 1600 dpi resolution with fast print speeds and the latest Memjet printhead technology. Additionally, as well as having the capability to print inline with a colour label printer, the DLP-2200 can also be used to convert blank labels.

Brendon Bass, sales and marketing manager, AM Labels says the launch of the new Afinia DLP-2200 has been highly anticipated and the company is thrilled to add this fast, cost effective and easy-to-operate digital label press to the portfolio.

“The new press offers a wide range of benefits to businesses operating across a selection of industries, providing companies with the ability to laminate, cut and finish high quality labels, in-house, while saving time, effort and costs, as well as minimising errors and increasing efficiency and productivity,” Bass adds.

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