Papa Johns embraces new technology to ensure safety

Papa Johns is adopting new allergen and error detection technology by LiberEat to bolster its existing allergen data processes, and support Papa Johns’ food safety and quality assurance teams in communicating accurate allergen information to over 500 stores nationwide.

Philip Quinn, Papa Johns’ senior director of quality assurance (International), said: “As a major international food brand, Papa Johns is committed to providing safe and quality food to all our customers.

“Our partnership with LiberEat to adopt their innovative allergen detection technology is a testament to our proactive approach to ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers. This technology will provide a second line of defence against allergen risks, helping us detect and prevent errors.”

LiberEat’s technology works at all stages of the food process, from supplier information to menus, ensuring allergens are displayed correctly – reducing the risk of any missing allergens or errors, benefitting consumers who can feel safe in their purchase decisions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning powered software help food businesses, such as manufacturers, contract caterers and restaurant chains. The software significantly reduces the risk of injury to consumers by identifying errors and allergens and substantially outperforms current methods. With the rise of dietary restrictions, the adoption of vegan/flexitarian diets, and the introduction of Natasha’s Law – it’s now even more critical to have an accurate and responsible allergen data process in place.

Founder and CEO of LiberEat, Barry Leaper, said: “Papa Johns is a leader in embracing technology to aid food safety processes, and the adoption of LiberEat’s new allergen detection technology demonstrates its proactive approach to protecting customers.

“LiberEat’s mission is to make food safer for everyone. The food safety and quality assurance team at Papa Johns have proactively joined forces to protect consumers from allergens and errors. Its commitment to customer safety and its approach to embracing technology to aid food safety processes demonstrates its dedication to setting robust processes and tackling allergen safety seriously.”

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