Provisur to exhibit a range of highlights from its extensive food tech portfolio

Provisur Technologies is taking the opportunity to showcase some of the latest developments and advanced technology from its defrosting, marinating, cooking (DMC), separation, slicing and further processing business units at Alimentaria FoodTech from 26-29 September 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

Visitors to the company booth at Alimentaria FoodTech, will see various brands such as Lutetia for defrosting, tumbling, curing and marinating. The Lutetia T40, for example, minimises cycle times and improves product quality. The Lutetia defrosting chamber works with cold convection and ensures speedy and safe defrosting of delicate products.

With a mix of rotation, belt and pressing technology, the Provisur portfolio provides all the necessary separation systems for the efficient processing of meat, poultry, and other raw materials such as potatoes, fruit, and vegetables. The broad range of applications all have one thing in common: high-yield separation of bone fragments, sinew, cartilage, and other material.

On show at Alimentaria FoodTech also will be the STS2000 Belt Separator. It offers outstanding results in terms of product structure, and low calcium levels for fish frames, meat trimmings or wishbones. It can also be used in dairy depacking solutions as well as extractions of cream from vegetables such as avocados, garlic and more. In addition, will be Provisur’s Barracuda 820. The screw and filter technology of this system offers an easy-to-use, simple operational mode and ensures low maintenance costs while at the same time maximising yield and preserving a low calcium level.

Provisur’s long-standing expertise in slicing is exemplified by the Hoegger X3 meat press, offering controlled, gentle forming to guarantee maximum slicing yield at minimum operating costs even with large deformations. The machine is ideal for pressing belly, bacon and pork loin to optimise the slicing yield.

A further system on show at Alimentaria FoodTech hails from Provisur’s Formax range: the Formax slicer SX330. A small machine, it offers configuration for a wide range of products, and provides high-performance slicing of cheese, deli meats, sausage, and fresh meat. It is ideal for manufacturers looking for a small footprint, high throughput and low maintenance, as well as manufacturers looking for a smooth and professional changeover to automated food processing.

The advanced technology of Provisur’s NovaMax 150 and NovaMax 400 Formers are designed to ensure fast processing when forming burger patties, meatballs, chicken nuggets, bakery goods, and more. Additional forming machines by Provisur are the VerTex 1000 and 660 Formers, featuring VerTex Tender-Form rotary forming technology.

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