Wexxar Bel brings fully automatic case former with EPI labeller to Pack Expo 2023

Visitors looking for high speed case forming and labelling all in one efficient solution at Pack Expo 2023 should add Wexxar Bel to their itinerary.

The new WLF30T Fully Automatic Case Former, which combines high speed case forming with labelling, will be showcased at booth C-3825 at Pack Expo 2023, September 11-13, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The WLF30T incorporates a labelling system from its sister ProMach brand, EPI Labelling in a partnership where customers have the ability to label cases prior to formation at speeds of up to 30 cases per minute.

“Where the WLF30T really proves its worth is in cold storage food applications because it enables customers to label the case before its formed,” said Sander Smith, product manager, Wexxar Bel. “What’s unique about the WLF30T is that it merges fast case forming and labelling all housed within one unit. It’s a strong combination we’re bringing to market.”

The WLF is based on Wexxar Bel’s reliable WF30 platform with an easy-load bottom pick magazine. It is integrated with an EPI M2 labeller that is located inside the magazine section of the machine, a design that both protects the labeller behind clear Lexan glass doors while also saving valuable floor space. Accessing the labeller is fast and convenient as it easily slides out of the machine for maintenance or reloading labels.

As blank cases slide into position, the EPI M2 applies the label; the EPI M2 can be programmed to apply the label at any location on the case. The magazine accepts up to three bundles of cases, totalling about 75 cases depending on thickness. The cases never stop during labelling, providing an uninterrupted smooth flow through the machine. After the label is applied, cases are tipped up and handled by Wexxar’s patented Pin & Dome technology to open the case. Flaps are folded and sealed with a Dekka tape head, and the case advances forward ready to be filled.

Features and benefits of the new WLF30T Fully Automatic Case Former including colour-coded change handles and textless instructions for easy case changeover and quick and easy case loading even while the machine is in operation.

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