Dawn Foods’ non-sticky icing helps bakery stay fresher for longer

Dawn Foods has developed a freeze/thaw stable non-sticky icing which provides a completely dry finish to baked goods and is perfect for packaged products since the icing stays intact meaning no sticky mess.

Dawn Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Icing uses a propriety formulation exclusive to Dawn Foods that prevents the migration of water into the finished bakery product.

Once applied, the new icing remains stable and non-sticky for up to five days in packaging and, as a result, the baked item itself stays fresher for longer. Not only does this mean that the product looks much more appealing on-shelf, but it maintains its fresh eating quality for longer too. Bakery retailers can gain additional sales and will also find there is less waste and scrapping costs as a result.

Dawn Pak Perfect is easy to use – simply warm to 45°C – and then apply to either a warm, freshly baked product and allow to dry before packaging, or apply to a finished product before blast freezing and packing ready for frozen storage.

Naturally vegan and gluten free, and made with natural flavours and no colours, this American-style icing is also fat free, with 50% fewer calories than a fat-based icing. Dawn Pak Perfect is suitable for many different applications where the product has high water activity and needs to be packaged, such as iced buns, cinnamon rolls, all kinds of iced patisserie products, donuts and muffins.

Dawn Foods also offers Exceptional Non-Sticky Donut Glaze which uses the same technology to stop oils and fats being absorbed from the donut into the glaze and so helping to ensure a clean look and finish to the packaged donuts as well as enhanced shelf-life.

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