Crave relaunch secures Sainsbury’s listings

Crave has secured listings in selected Sainsbury’s stores for its recently re-launched snacks: Pickled Onion Noughties and Hot & Spicy Hot Dawgs. Both are vegan and free from allergens.

Crave’s tongue-in-cheek approach and playful attitude have resulted in some cheeky stunts which have proven to be effective, including an e-van outside of Sainsburys HQ which read; “Dear Sainsbury’s, We got sued, please stock us so we can pay our legal fees. Thanks, Love Crave x”

Created by food consultant and former chef Rob Brice, Crave has developed products which are for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re vegan, have an allergy or not. 

We are overjoyed to have Sainsbury’s on board in our quest to banish blandness! For those with allergies or a preference for a vegan diet, the days of searching for tasteless snacks are over, explains Rob.  

Crave says its journey this year hasn’t been boring to say the least. A cease and desist was issued from big multinationals which led to Crave re-launching some of the named products.

It has been a tumultuous few months, but the challenger brand says the backing from Sainsbury’s shows that perseverance pays off and the free-from and vegan market is very much in demand.

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