Multivac UK inhouse event showcases latest trends for modern manufacturing

A two-day event gave visitors at Multivac UK event the chance to explore the latest trends and innovations for modern manufacturing.

Machinery, application and full-line demonstrations, new product launches, and keynote speakers were on display inhouse between 20th and 21st September across various applications including protein, plant-based and bakery sectors.

At Multivac’s well known Oktoberfest evening event, a wide range of equipment from processing, packaging, inspection, labelling and automation, as well as integrated full-line capabilities was shown and demonstrated solutions for maximising output and profit while minimising downtime.

The new and improved space at the Swindon site has been under construction for the last year and now boasts a dedicated space to run equipment of all sizes for new product development.

There is now a temperature-controlled room which replicates factory environments, full processing and packaging line integration, a supermarket area to highlight trends and innovations, and a comfortable meeting space. Multivac said it now has the opportunity to host product trials with the facility to temper and test products to understand optimum production temperatures.

From entering with raw ingredients, to seeing them processed and packed on the supermarket shelf, and even cooking them in the test kitchen space, Multivac now offers an enhanced customer journey.

Portioning machines from TVI offered advanced technology that is optimised for trim and accuracy down to the last gram, and the solutions are renowned for delivering precision that pays off.

From artisan production to fully automated manufacturing, as if it were made by hand. Fritsch Bakery Technologies provide the baking industry with first-class dough processing lines and together, Fritsch and Multivac offer the highest-quality solution for dough processing and bakery product packaging.

Multivac presented the Rollfix and Varioflex machines to help manufacturers master modern day bakery challenges and a dedicated Master Baker from the Fritsch World of Bakery hosted the live dough processing demonstration and answered questions.

Multivac Smart Services offer digital solutions for maximum productivity, simple operation, and direct support for your Multivac machines and line components. The event hosted several live demonstrations across a variety of machines to let visitors gain insight into the features and benefits.

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