Dawn launches limited edition chocolate fudge icings

Dawn Foods has turned two of the most iconic Christmas flavours – mint chocolate and chocolate orange – into limited edition ready-to-use fudge icings, for creating retro-feel bakes this festive season.

Traditionally associated with confectionery, chocolate mint is a mainstream flavour in desserts and ice cream, and now moving into bakery too, Dawn Foods notes. Dawn Foods’ new Mint Chocolate Fudge Icing will be familiar to many as it delivers a rich chocolate flavour with an aroma of mint.

Dawn’s Chocolate Orange Fudge Icing has all the more-ishness of its confectionery sibling with rich dark chocolate, contrasting with the sweet citrus notes of orange. It’s a classic long time consumer favourite flavour combination and is big news across many product launches this year according to Dawn.

Both the new fudge icings are easy to use – they need to be warmed through for mailability – then used to layer, drip, cover coat or drizzle a whole range of bakes. Bakers can create spectacular Instagram-worthy Christmas celebration cakes, chocolate mint filled donuts and traybakes or chocolate orange themed muffins, decorated with a segment of chocolate orange.

Made with natural colours and flavours we well as being vegan and vegetarian suitable, Dawn claims that the new fudge icings offer bakers a cost-effective way to introduce on-trend, retro Christmas flavours without having to buy in lots of additional ingredients. A plain muffin for example can be transformed into a limited-edition confectionery-topped Christmas treat at a premium price point. The new fudge icings are freeze/thaw stable too making them even more versatile.

Dawn Foods’ Limited Edition Mint Chocolate Fudge Icing and Limited Edition Chocolate Orange Fudge Icing are available in 10kg pails.

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