Create indulgence with Puratos’s Satin Crème Cake Blonde

Puratos UK has announced the launch of the market’s first blonde cake mix.

Joining Puratos’s best-selling Satin Crème cake mix range for a limited time, Satin Crème Cake Blonde will enable bakers to create indulgent cakes with a creamy white chocolate taste and caramelised hue.

The newest flavour is suitable for a large number of applications including muffins, cakes, pancakes, cookies and more.

According to supplier of ingredients for bakery, patisserie, and chocolate, the UK cake, cake bars and sweet baked goods sector saw double-digit value sales growth in 20221 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Within this market, chocolate tastes have an integral role to play with 90% of consumers believing it improves the tastiness of cakes and sweet goods, according to Puratos’s Taste Tomorrow research.

In recent years, blonde or ‘gold’ chocolate has grown in popularity thanks to its unique caramelised white chocolate flavour profile and appealing colouring. But without all-in-one cake mixes to offer this novel taste profile, blonde chocolate has only appeared in icings and decorations for cakes and not in the sponge.

In response to the emerging blonde chocolate flavour trend, Puratos UK has introduced Satin Crème Cake Blonde to offer bakers more flexibility to create the tastes consumers are missing in their cake choices.

The new flavour is the eighth flavour addition to the Satin range – joining Plain, Chocolate, Coffee, Toffee, Lemon, Carrot and Coconut. Satin Crème Cake Blonde has also been thoroughly trialled to ensure the mix works effortlessly with inclusions such as chocolate or fruit without the risk of sinking ingredients.

Satin Crème’s trusted formula, loved by Puratos customers for three decades, guarantees the same high quality as the existing Satin flavours while offering consumers a new taste combination. Made in the UK, Satin Crème Cake Blonde is available in 12.5kg, fully sustainable packaging and will be available to sample on request.

“Recent data shows that sponge bases dominate UK cake launches from 2021 and 2023 and blonde chocolate emerging as a key flavour in recent years, creating Satin Crème Cake Blonde was a no-brainer for us,” comments Lydia Baines, marketing manager, patisserie, Puratos UK. “Our customers trust the Satin brand, and we’re excited to help them offer even more flavour choices to cake lovers with Satin Crème Cake Blonde. The fact that the delicious new mix is versatile enough to use in cookies, muffins, loaf cakes, mini cake slices, large celebration cakes, blondies, cupcakes and more is the cherry on top.”

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