Heura Foods: world’s first additive-free ‘York-Style’ Ham will revolutionise deli industry

Heura Foods is hailing its additive-free ‘York-Style’ plant-powered ham as a game-changer thanks to its 64% protein density, low levels of total fat and saturated fat, with extra virgin olive oil, and no additives.

The plant-powered food tech company, which uses cutting-edge science and product development to unlock the biggest consumer barriers, believes this advancement “aligns with recommendations to reduce processed meat consumption by WHO and addresses concerns about the health implications of processed animal-origin meats”.

“The new patent-pending technology applied in this product is here to redefine food processing and accelerate the plant-based protein transition,” notes Marc Coloma, CEO and co-founder of Heura. “By focusing on high nutritional values with clean labels, we are not only creating an unprecedented competitive advantage, but also offering a new level of animal meat successors, foods that are superior to their traditional meat counterparts.”

Heura adds that the launch of the new slices ties in WHO recommendations to limit processed meat consumption. According to health institutions, countries such as Spain consume eight times more processed meat than recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Heura “York-style” ham slices are positioned as a solution to the recommendations to limit the consumption of processed meat.

“The Heura slices are not an alternative to those of animal origin; they are their successors,” points out Coloma. He adds: “We are a foodtech, driven by innovation, and it is reflected in the result of our technology and specifically in the slices we present. It’s not just another reference in the industry; we assert that it marks a turning point. Our priority has always been to offer our consumers the experience of consuming animal-origin meat, in terms of taste and texture, while improving nutritional values, using high-quality ingredients, and, at the same time, protecting our planet. Good nutrition equals good health.”

The ‘York-Style’ Ham slices are the first product that Heura brings to the market using technology presented last April that is led by its Good Rebel Tech (G.R.T) division. Via a novel thermomechanical processing technique, it is possible to create “first-to-market plant-based products with superior sensory, significantly improved nutritional values” with a short and ‘familiar’ list of ingredients.

The technology only requires protein, water and oil to structure a product while imparting texture and sensory to existing technologies, without need of additives eg e-numbers, according to Heura.

“We use a transdisciplinary approach to scientific research to overcome the greatest challenges the industry is facing. Our goals are ambitious. We are not aiming for small, incremental advancements based on cumulative improvements on what already exists, but rather exponential progress from scientific discoveries yielding breakthrough technological innovations,” said Isabel Fernandez, chief technology officer at Heura.

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